Martin on... Music

What I'm Doing Today

The acoustic guitar has always primary for me. In college, I studied classical guitar for a couple years, and this really helped improve my right-hand fingerpicking technique. Recently, I have taken an interest in flatpicking bluegrass-style guitar, but I'm still learning. Listening to a lot of Doc Watson lately.

Also, in recent years I have been dabbling with the 5-string banjo. I am getting good at faking it on the banjo, but still aspire to play like a real bluegrass pro some day.

As a trained recording engineer, I do have a recording environment setup at home, and I enjoy working with musicians to capture a quality professional level recording.

The Early Years

As a young boy, I remember falling asleep on the living room floor listening to my father's band practice in the basement. At home, we always had a variety of instruments in the house. Guitars were primary, but we also had an upright piano, drums, and a saxophone.

My first interest was in the drums, but in high school I began playing guitar more regularly. Phil Keaggy and Adrian Legg were my earliest guitar influences which got me into playing fingerstyle guitar.