Martin on...


Bachelor of Science in Recording Industry Production and Technology from Middle Tennessee State University


Senior Software Engineer at Philips Healthcare as part of a mid-sized team developing a cloud-based platform for health care products in the areas of sleep apnea. In particular, they build respiratory devices for sleep apnea patients.

A Bit More...

In the area of music, Martin plays guitar and banjo in the band Into The Mountain. He also does all the recording, editing and mixing for their albums.


Writing is something I actually do enjoy doing, and I hope to use this site to practice this skill.

This is my space on the web. I plan to use it as such. The issue there is that I tend to be a man of diverse interests. This means that you might read a story about my years as a trim carpenter, followed by one about music production techniques, and top it off with a post of some theology books I am reading.

I have set out to keep this site as simple (and cheap) as possible. It is also important to me to keep all posts in a format that is easy to update and transport between platforms. Therefore, I am currently using Git Hub pages, which allows for blog posts to be written in Markdown. For Domain Name registration I use Go Daddy, and for email I am using SoHo's free email service.

In the end, all I am paying for is the domain name registration via Go Daddy. Not bad, eh? Maybe a good starter post will cover how I set all that up.