Glassdoor's Employee Satisfaction Survey By City

This is an interesting report from Glassdoor which shows a list of the best rated cities by employees.

Pittsburgh just squeezed into this list at position 50.  Come on Pittsburgh! Let's work our way up this list!

At the top of the list is San Jose, CA.

Here is the link to the report...

Glassdoor Employee Satisfaction by City Survey



Time For A Change

Lately, I am beginning to think it is time for a change in my blog/website.

For the past several years I have kept this blog as a place to share information and bits of knowledge.  It was never anything spectacular, and it was never meant to be.  I simply found it a great way to practice writing.  It has also been a great way to give back to a community of knowledge-sharing developers that I rely on every day!

The fun side of running a blog is that you occasionally get an email from a random person thanking you for some post that really helped them out of a bind.  You also find links to your posts on random forum discussions that you were never involved in.  This software stuff can be tricky at times, and it's great to be able to help others out.  

Spam got annoying, and I never got around to resolving that silly little problem so I eventually just shut comments off.

The Problem

Prompted by a "server changes" email from my hosting provider, I decided to check out my blog.  Then I started to think about why I haven't been posting.  

I think it just boils down to this... I am developing at work.  I don't have time to post my thoughts when they come to me while working.  When I am home, it's not on my mind anymore, therefore, no blog posts.

The Truth of The Matter

I really enjoy the work that I do, but I also enjoy other things in life, and I am at point in life where I prefer to leave work at work, and use my free time on my other joys in life.  I love music, home remodelling, reading and thinking, and I am beginning to wonder if I might actually be more actively involved with my own site if I would simply focus on these things that I love.

So, I have some ideas for a new direction bouncing around in my head.  It might take some time to get there, but hopefully you will see this site better show the real Martin.  




Programmer Personalities

This blog post on the Taxonomy of Terrible Programmers inspired some conversation on our team.  

We each listed the categories that most fit us.  It was a humbling process.  It is easy to read these kinds of lists, and think about how everyone else fits a particular role, but when we identify these weaknesses in ourselves it is an enlightening experience.

I was encouraged that we each accurately described our terrible tendencies, and that we can at least identify our weaknesses. Being aware of these characteristics in ourselves will hopefully help us reevaluste the things we do throughout the day.



Node Tools in Visual Studio

Pretty excited to see that Visual Studio now has tools for developing Node.js apps.

Check out Scott Hanselman's post about the new tools.

Or just download it here



Dev Connections

Looking forward to attending Dev Connections in Las Vegas!

Dev Connections



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