Programmer Personalities

This blog post on the Taxonomy of Terrible Programmers inspired some conversation on our team.  

We each listed the categories that most fit us.  It was a humbling process.  It is easy to read these kinds of lists, and think about how everyone else fits a particular role, but when we identify these weaknesses in ourselves it is an enlightening experience.

I was encouraged that we each accurately described our terrible tendencies, and that we can at least identify our weaknesses. Being aware of these characteristics in ourselves will hopefully help us reevaluste the things we do throughout the day.



Node Tools in Visual Studio

Pretty excited to see that Visual Studio now has tools for developing Node.js apps.

Check out Scott Hanselman's post about the new tools.

Or just download it here



Dev Connections

Looking forward to attending Dev Connections in Las Vegas!

Dev Connections



PowerShell Here

This great little utility from Scott Hanselman allows you to right-click a directory to start up PowerShell prompt rooted at that directory.

Scott Hanselman's PowerShell Here INF

And here is Microsoft's PowerShell scripting web site.

Windows PowerShell MSDN Docs

Working with files and folders with PowerShell

Here are some starter command for working with directories...

/* Search for text in files within a directory */
dir | select-string "my search string"

/* Search based on object properties such as LastWriteTime */
$dt = Get-Date
dir *.msg | where { $_.LastWriteTime.Hour -gt $dt.AddHours(-1).Hour }

/* Or use Slect-String to search by file contents */
$list = dir *.doc | where { $_.LastWriteTime.Hour -gt 15 -and $_.LastWriteTime.Hour -lt 18 }
$list | where { $_.LastWriteTime.Hour -lt 17 } | select-string "foobar"

/* Select First 3 */
$list | Select-Object -first 3

/* Sort by LastWriteTime */
$list | Sort-Object LastWriteTime -descending 



Nice Javascript Uploader Control

I already built my own, but this looks like a nice upload control for the next time I need a file upload dialog...



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